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Virgin Mobile advertises a service that it is simply unable to offer. At the least their blindly ignoring the obvious and choosing to blame the consumer instead of doing anything at all that would leave them satisfied.

The way that smart phones work, consumes a lot of data. They have apps and widgets that are supposed to maintain connection so you can stay connected with your friends on facebook or your email or whatever..

virgin mobile uses sprints towers as does boost mobile, but if you look at their coverage maps, the service goes like this, sprint, boost, virgin mobile. VM has inferior service to both companies.

It takes between 2-3 bars to receive text messages and browse/connect to the internet. With a virgin mobile phone you'll have mostly 1 bar, which randomly turns to 0, sometimes you'll have 2 and your 1 in a million if you manage to get 3. which means that you will receive text messages long after people send them to you, sometimes though rarely you wont receive the message at all. the call quality is bad, you WILL find yourself saying "huh" "what" or "can you repeat that" way too often.

because of this, the new phones that virgin mobile added to their network do not work properly!

the rumor touch and the Samsung intercept are THE WORST! then comes the Motorola triumph! you will be upset! have a headache! way too often!

and when you want to call in to get the problem address you'll be talking to a person that will repeat what you say and then read the appropriate response from a book, and that's if you get someone who understands your English.

you will not get the service you expect or want on virgin mobile, you may get the service you can tolerate or live with for awhile but spending 300 on a phone I'd want to be happy. I urge you to consider another provider all together.

cheap service and consistent reliable service are two different things!

Furthermore, IF you manage to get a hold of someone actually in the position to HELP you or LISTEN and be empathetic with whats happening to your service or device, they will BLAME YOU, and NOT CARE in the least bit. They would rather leave an angry ex-customer, than even be kind during a phone call!

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