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Bought a $50 Virgin Mobile cell phone at Radio Shack. Was told can add minutes as needed. Do not need a contract. But by buying the phone I apparently did enter into a contract with Virgin Mobile where I am required to add $20 or more every 3 months to be able to use the phone. Was not told that. So I gave Virgin Mobile $70 for a phone that was only good for 3 months (unless I ran out of minutes and then I could give them more money).

Called Virgin Mobile because I have @$50 of time on the phone but I cannot use it. Turns out they want $20 from me to "top up" the phone. And then I can use it. I'll then have $70 on the phone that I use only in emergencies.

"Don", the supervisor was very condencending and suggested then when I bought the phone, I should have checked with them on their policy/protocol. "Check online. Everything is online" he said. So whenever you buy something, I guess you should check with the manufacturer to make sure you're getting what you paid for??? His answer to that was "No, just check cell phones". So he was admitting they are a bit shady.

Policy is policy - I understand that. But when one of their representatives (Radio Shack) fails to provide all the information, they should at least attempt to remedy the situation. I was told over and over that it was my fault, I should have known (or checked) and that with a credit card number, they would top up the phone and I could use it again.

I did not give them a credit card number and will never use Virgin Mobile again. Their customer service is atrocious. The 2 people I spoke with were unyeilding in this being my fault and my problem. Pay up or shut up essentially.

By the way, it took me over 8 minutes to get to a live person.

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