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My first phone was actually a Virgin phone. 5 Years ago, it used to be an excellent service to obtain a low budget phone. So, when I went to Target to buy a secondary emergency phone, I saw it and decided to get it again. BIG MISTAKE!

First of all, I spent at least an hour activating the phone. I had to create an online acount and everything just to use the prepaid minute cards! Once that was set up, I tried sending text messages between my two cell phones and IT DIDN'T WORK!!!

I then though that maybe prepaid minute cards didn't support text messaging, so I signed up for their cheapest monthly plan in about 10 minutes. MISTAKE. The next day, my texting still DIDN'T work so I tried calling their customer serivce.

Virgin Mobiles customer service line has turned into a monkey game, where it's almost impossible to get ahold of a customer service representative. You hit the number for troubleshooting, text messaging, and then you just get this *** automated message that says something like "If you're having trouble sending a text message, just go into messaging, compose your message, and press send." Or, when it asks you if you were calling about something else, and you say YES, it then relists all of the previous options.

So, I decide to give up and try to return the phone. Target refunded me for the phone, but could not refund me for the minute card. I also had to cancel the Virgin Mobile Plan, so I spent 3 hours standing at the Target Customer Service desk trying to call their customer service again just to cancel my plan. I eventually figured out how to get through to a representative... you just have to keep asking for more options about 5 times, and tell it that you don't know your own phone number.

After a few referrals, I finally got ahold of a representative. They said they could cancel my plan and reimburse me for the charge that it put on my card, but they refused to reimburse me for my minutes plan. They also told me that they could only have their technical services investigate why my text messaging wasn't working if I KEPT THEIR TERRIBLE SERIVE. When I said that wasn't happening, they refused to investigate my complaint. All they could do was file a customer service complaint, and they would be calling me in a few days. That NEVER HAPPENED.

That was two weeks ago. I was just looking at my credit card statement. Although I can see that they actually did refund me for the original plan, they then recharged me for the plan about a week later. I just filed a complaint with my bank and reported it as fraudulent.

Overall, DO NOT GET VIRGIN MOBILE. They will treat you like a little rat in a maze. If you're looking for a cheap prepaid phone, I recommend t-mobile. I used to have one of those prepaid phones for emergencies 2 years ago, and it worked great! I currently use t-mobile, and at least they're a half decent service provider.

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