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The worst services ever. Do not go with Virgin Mobile.

Don't waste your money with these clowns. They never fix your issue, make promises they can't keep, Don't speak clear English, they give you the runaround, they don't reply back to you when they said they would, hang up on you and yes, had this happen several times this week, lie, won't refund your money, etc. I had no service since Tuesday. They said it would take three days to resolve the issue and they are giving me the runaround.

First when I called, the person I talked to said I would get an email update around noon time my time about what's going and a resolution. Mind you I check my emails every few hours everyday and I went to check and nothing so I called. Another rep said they would call me letting me know what is going on during the day today and no calls nothing! Also I emailed about the situation and got a response saying they were trying to get a hold of me which was lie.

I check my phone as well ever hour or so and nothing. No calls and no emails. Then the other day, I was told to call back in 24 hours. Called back and I was given help to reprogram my phone and none of the steps worked.

Everything they told me to do through emails and calls don't work. When I try to access my apps. it says it couldn't connect and ty try again/check back latter. Keep trying and I have been getting that everyday.

Everyday that I called "Give us another 34 hours and we will have it fixed" and each day I called it wasn't fixed. It's still not fixed and thy said if it still didn't work which I did tell them this SEVERAL times that it didn't work, I would receive my replacement phone. I asjed about this and they keep telling me to call and each time I called they said I would get either an email or call back today and I have been waiting all day for answers on my resolution and I didn't get any response. No emails and no calls.

I have been with them since 2010. I switched because poor service and texting issues which never was resolved then I switched to another service and switched back thinking I would save money since the other provider was too pricey and plus they too never fixed my issues so I switched back thinking virgin Mobile would be better since I was getting better responses about coming back, but boy I was wrong!

Here it is day 4 and no service! I am going to cancel their service and look into another provider.

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