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Last year my parents bought me a virgin mobile cell phone at a local radio shack. Paid for one $50 top up card the cost of the shield that goes on the screen and the price of the cell phone.

(Mistake number one first off.) right off the bat my phone was not working. I called and emailed vm cust service at least a dozen times. Explained to them that my phone was dropping calls, the internet didn't work and the top up money seemed to dissapeared without my consent. They kept giving me the run around each time and giving me a device number to call to reset the phone.

After waiting three months I decided to call vm after not hearing back from them by email. The lady and the guy I spoke to didn't understand English. Must be a joke or maybe I was being punked? Was I the only customer that was having trouble w/ my phone?

Nope. Another two months goes by I get a short response by vm cust relations. They tell me that they will help me reset the phone again for the third time. Now your just pudding me off to the point of no return!

No success no help no nothing. After spend hours on the phone they direct me to radio shack. Well here we go again the worst customer service ever. Vm was blaming the poor cell phone service on radio shack and vice versa.

This went in for around 6 months. I kept at it still no luck. So finally I called back radio shack and asked them they said (blaming radio shack it's their cell tower is poor) so I call back vm asked to speak with customer relations. Waited on the phone for 30 min only to find a broken English rep.

I asked him to put me on the phone with an English speaking personnel. Finally got someone. I def had enough of them so I flat out told them how I felt and told them I'm done with your company and hung up. Never ever again will I buy or recommend virgin Mobile ever!

so that's my long unacceptable dispute with this sorry for a cell phone business.

I'm now with sprint and I'm happier. (Ps radio shack is just as bad will never shop there again they were not helpful and all they cared about was selling their items/add ons.) didn't help me or want to be bothered with my problem and told me I couldn't get a refund and didn't even bother to look at the phone

Monetary Loss: $275.

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