I was with VM for less than a year. Paid $165 for what appeared to be the best phone they offered at the time. Got the $50 unlimited plan and all seemed fine - NOT.

Billing: I was double charged on my bill twice. Called customer service on one of those occasions and instead of refunding my money, he said that I did not have to pay next month's fee because I had enough money on my balance....what if I only had enough for my bill in my account? Then I would have overdrafted.

Device/Service: My phone dropped calls DAILY. My service was awful and my family/friends always complained of not being able to hear me on the phone, let alone reach me. Internet was slower than a snail. Phone started shutting off randomly every time I slid out the keyboard (after 6-7 mos of use).

Customer service: Forget about it! They will keep you on the phone with their automated menu for hours and I am not exaggerating. I learned a trick though - when trying to reach customer service, instead of going through the menu, say "Operator" and they will connect you to a customer service rep immediately (btw...hit or miss with customer service. Some are helpful, some speak very little English and do not understand what you are asking of them, thereby unable to help).

VM was a nightmare. I have since changed services and put money toward a better phone and service provider.

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